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People First offers personalized supports and services for adults with developmental disabilities participating in Comprehensive Residential Services in Boulder and in Broomfield Counties.  People First was formed in April 2006 and has been approved by the Colorado Department of Human Services as a Service Provider Organization.  I formed this organization after working for more than 25 years in all facets of providing services for people in Colorado.   

Our basic goal is to provide superior service and accessibility to the people and to the families that select us as their provider.  We take pride in being creative and flexible.  We are skillful at maximizing resources to meet needs.  We select, train, support, and retain the best possible staff and providers.  Outstanding staff lead to excellent services.  To maximize our ability to meet your needs, we maintain strict control over our administrative costs and non-service related expenses.  People First is committed to operating as a “zero-profit” organization.


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