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Uncompromising Personal Service

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Comprehensive Residential Services

People are unique.  Each person has desires and dreams for the life that they want to live.  We exist to support people and their families to fulfill their desires and dreams. First, we listen to you and your family and to what you want in your life.  We then create your unique system of services and supports based upon your wishes.  We don’t have a pre-set menu of services that you must choose from.  If you’re not sure and want to explore the possibilities further we utilize a “Person Centered / Futures Planning” approach.  An important part of our mission is to safeguard people’s health and safety, but we don’t stop there.  We will support you as you pursue the things that are important to you and your family.  Start by meeting our Program Coordinators and selecting one to facilitate your services.  Tell us what kind of home you want and choose your  staff.  We will arrange the specific services and supports that you have chosen.  We are dedicated to providing long-term services and supports that surpass your expectations for many years to come.                 

                                     Mission Statement  

 The mission of People First is to provide services and supports for other people that we would provide for ourselves or for our family members.  We exist to support people to pursue happiness and to have the lives that they want.  We exist to provide services that safeguard people’s health and safety.


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